Apple Watch is coming in April.

That was the message from Apple Chief Executive Tim, as he clarified the timing of the company´s first all-new product since it introduced the iPad in 2010. Previously, Apple had said only that the Watch would be available in “early 2015.”

As it did with the iPhone and the iPad, Apple is coming a little late to an emerging product category with an offering it hopes can define the segment. Apple’s competitors have rolled out smartwatches in recent months, but the category has struggled to take off among consumers who question why they need yet another mobile device.

Apple took the wraps off the watch in September, demonstrating its fitness- and health-monitoring capabilities. Apple has said the device will come in three basic models with a wide selection of straps. It needs to be paired with an iPhone to send and receive data.

Apple has said that Apple Watch will start at $349. But many questions remain, including how much higher end models – some of which will include gold – will cost, and whether Apple or independent developers will identify a “killer app” that will entice users to buy it.


Modern House In Tehran Has Rooms That Rotate 90° 


L’or de Rhin

L’or de Rhin, un livret du compositeur allemand Richard Wagner est l’un de quatre opéras qui composent le cycle de l’Anneau des Nibelungos, d’histoire épique inspirée de légendes médiévales et le poème Le fait de chanter des nibelungos.

Elle a été étrennée pour la première fois dans le Hoftheater de Munich, le 22 septembre 1869, avec August Kindermann dans le papier de Wotan, de Heinrich Vogl comme de Loge, et Wilhelm Fischer comme Alberich.


The surrealistic photography of Kyle Thompson.

Kyle Thompson was born in Chicago on January 11th, 1992. He began taking photographs at the age of nineteen after finding interest in nearby abandoned houses. His work is mostly composed of self portraits, often taking place in empty forests and abandoned homes.

His work encapsulates the ephemeral narrative, a nonexistent story line that only lives for a split moment.  These images show the collapse of narrative, as there is no defined story line with a beginning and end; instead, these images create a loop.  This fleeting moment lives on in a constant unchanging state.  By diverting the view of the face, the images become more ambiguous, the viewer is no longer able to tie a defined story line to the image.

He is currently based in Portland, OR

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