Zimmer – Lost Your Mind

Zimmer is one of the best emerging French electro music producers with FKJ, Kartell and Darius. Member of Roche Musique team, he already has released three EPs and some very well known remixes.

His house music is sweet, dreamy and absolutely modern, a true gift for all the lovers of innovative and audacious sounds.

With “Lost Your Mind”, a song from the EP Ceremony, the producer affirms a universe more and more well defined, inspired by a celestial aesthetic, crossing poetry and science fiction. In this clip by Jeremi Durand, humanity is a the center of the story.

In a declining society, in an apocalyptic world, human bodies float in the air like if they were living their last vital moment.

Far from being a stressing view of a natural catastrophe, the clip is a contemplative experience reminding a cosmogonic tell about the origins of life.


Music of India

Indian music is one of the richest in the world even though it focuses almost purely on the sacred, on mystical ecstasy, or on devotional expression (bhakti). This must be understood from the Vedic notion that accompanies the various religious manifestations that we group as “Hinduism”, that the universe was created with sound and that certain sounds attune the divine creativity of the cosmos as a presence.

As this documentary produced in 1966 by the Indian government itself shows, Hindu classical music can be divided into two main categories, Hindu music of the north and the carnation of the south, which share the same roots but would have been divided over the centuries XV and XVI (it must be said that this division is not exhaustive, much less).

The documentary features appearances of some of the most important Hindu musicians of the time and establishes the essential elements of this musical tradition.

A thousand musicians playing “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” the amount of energy that this single track moved in its moment and that, presumed, continues to some extent moving, it gained an indisputable place in the history of the music.

And considering the above, coupled with the sound result of this memorable exercise, may explain why listening to this version of that piece, performed by a thousand musicians simultaneously, is so exciting. Rockin’1000, “the biggest rock band in the world” and a year ago had performed a Foo Fighters song, this time was organized to revive “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in Cesena, northern Italy, with Participation Of a thousand musicians.


Dixon: techno & house.

Dixon is a legend in the Berlin scene. We are talking about what may be the mecca of techno and the world house, besides one of those responsible for making the nights of this city so special. This producer, DJ and record founder as Innervisions, began his career in the 1990s playing as a resident of several clubs in Berlin; At that time was in charge of maratónicas days that were marking to the festive conscience of that city.

Dixon is leaning towards the deep house, but it is a house that avoids mellow out of context and always has a good dose of soul and atmospheric sound variety.

What has led him to be considered one of those must-have DJs is his mastery of a style that always maintains an elegance, which makes no compromises, but which is capable of reaching the highest levels of euphoria and ecstasy, always after Of winning those states. The connection with the track, with the emotions and with the imagination in movement is not gratuitous, is a slow distillation that is working, building an atmosphere of high sensory richness, patience and tasting detail.

Throughout his career Dixon has worked with labels such as Get Physical, has collaborated with Jazzanova and promoted the career of Âme (a duo of producers with whom he has a close musical friendship), among other important artists.

1920s Jazz Age Fashion & Photographs

The Fashion and Textile Museum of London inaugurates 1920s Jazz Age: Fashion & Photographs, an exhibition that reflects great social changes of this decade of glamor, excess, frivolity and modernity, as much in Paris and London as in New York and Hollywood in which Emphasizes that the rhythms of jazz, dance and “joie de vivre” marked this era and prompted a new way of dressing.

The central objective of this exhibition is to demonstrate the influence and beauty of the jazz and costume boom this time, while at the same time seeking dialogue with the audience and in many cases breaking with these schemes, promoting the conversation, in which they can be felt Attracted to the culture of jazz and its different nuances.

In it´s content, it presents a glimpse of haute couture and prêt-à-porter fashion from 1919 to 1929, a collection that reflects dizzying social change on an unprecedented scale, since it is the decade that followed World War I and Offered modern women a new style of dress.

A fashion illustration showing models wearing various party dresses.     Date: 20th June 1928



New Bonobo album: ‘Migration’

Simon Green the name behind Bonobo has revealed his plans for 2017, the British producer will release his long awaited album “Migration”, only three years after releasing The North Borders. Bonobo shared the dates of his next tour to share this new project during 2017.

The formula that has to involve nature and elicit a euphoric feeling in us through the study of space and people is the magic behind his two previous productions “Black Sands” and “The North Borders”. The album will go on sale on January 13, 2017.

An album titled Migration, from which he revealed the song Kerala, in an unexpected and beautiful video clip where the movements of a woman synchronise on the beat.

Nevermind: 25 years of a classic alternative rock

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the release of ‘Nevermind’, the second studio album by Nirvana, a historical record that his dozen memorable songs changed the course of music of the Nineties and led to the grunge be consolidated as the musical genre for a generation.

The lead single from ‘Nevemind’, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, can be considered the most important and influential song of the alternative rock of the 90s, as defined by a legion of critics and music journalists around the world for more two decades.

‘Nevemind’ got the alternative rock masificarse winding down, becoming the most popular genre from that time. A curious fact was that Geffen Records, the distributor seal group, had an expectation to sell 250,000 copies of the album, which ended up being millions, reaching 32 in the 25 years of its publication.

Burning Man 2016

Every year, Burning Man festival fills the Black Rock desert in Nevada. Concerts and incredible styles and creations follow each other during several days.

The French video maker “Phil of Drones” had the opportunity to use one of the official drones of the festival. Superb footages that can be discovered in video right here.

Metronomy – Live Music in Paris Airport

Now in conjunction with Paris Aeroports, they’ve got Metronome and his drumming companion Anna Prior, laying out their stall at Charles de Gaulle airport. The live set up is stripped, with the conveyor belt looping around, while choreography duo I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER, set their troupe of four dancers in glorious motion.  There are ankle-swinging wide-legged pants. The whole shebang Colin Solal Cardo.

Watch below and keep your ears peeled for Cassius’ remix of “16 Beat” coming out next week.