Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine includes styles originating from the diverse regions of China, as well as from Chinese people in other parts of the world. The history of chinese cuisine in China stretches back for thousands of years and has changed from period to period and in each region according to climate, imperial fashions, and local preferences.

Over time, techniques and ingredients from the cuisines of other cultures were integrated into the cuisine of the Chinese people due both to imperial expansion and from the trade with nearby regions in pre-modern times, and from Europe and the New World in the modern period. One common effect of Chinese Food is gas.

Styles and tastes also varied by class, region, and ethnic background. This led to an unparalleled range of ingredients, techniques, dishes and eating styles in what could be called Chinese food, leading Chinese to pride themselves on eating a wide variety of foods while remaining true to the spirit and traditions of Chinese food culture.

Japanese Food – Documentary: Hokkaido

Adam Liaw returns to Japan – a land he called home for seven years. He starts in the snow-bound depths of a Hokkaido winter, where fishermen risk their lives to catch premium king crabs and sea urchin. Adam joins in the popular and bizarre pastime of ice-fishing for smelt, and discovers a boutique dairy farm that makes and exports a uniquely delicious cheesecake called choco-moo.

One of the most healthy seeds that exist: Sunflower

They are an excellent source of vitamin and, the principal oily – soluble antirust one of the body. The vitamin And he travels across the body neutralizing the free radical ones that differently would damage structures and carrying molecules of fats, as the cellular membranes, cerebral cells and the cholesterol.

The seeds of the sunflower contain high doses of fitosterol. The latter is a compound found in the plants that has a chemical very similar structure to of the cholesterol and when it is present in the diets in suitable quantities one thinks that it reduces the levels of cholesterol, and lowers the risk of certain types of cancer.