Aerial Pictures of South Australia

Mr Bo is a lover of South Australia, on his Instagram and his website, he pays tribute to these beautiful landscapes through stunning aerial pictures taken with a drone.

Breathtaking compositions that give a great overview on the beauty of our planet. From roads to beaches, photographer offers us wings to discover his country.

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100 photographs by Juan Rulfo

The images were organized by the authors in four sections that reflect the preferences of Rulfo and are, at the same time, a reflection of the content of the collection. In the first one the architecture was located, which is the most numerous subject in the archive. In the second, the landscape. Later the towns, their streets and inhabitants. And in the last section, something little exploited by Rulfo but present: the portrait.

The edition is work of the review that the investigators Andrew Dempsey and Daniele De Luigi who realized of the total of the photographic stock of Rulfo, is a selection that includes in addition to unpublished images, photos published a long time and the already classic.

14549_I_fotografia-de-juan-rulfo-1 1301905017_910215_0000000000_album_normal 1301905017_910215_0000000001_album_normal a05n1cul-1 a05n1cul-2Imagen tomada por el escritor, incluida en el libro Tríptico para Juan Rulfo. Los personajes son bailarines de la compañía de danza de Magda Montoya, captados en 1953. Una impresión de esa fotografía, de 1960, en pequeño formato, tiene al reverso indicaciones a lápiz del autor para su publicación en Sucesos, una revista de la época. La obra, que será presentada este jueves en la Casa Universitaria del Libro, se divide en tres capítulos: Poesía, Fotografía y Crítica

Juan-Rulfo-“Casa-en-ruinas-en-Tlaxcala-1955”.jpg.html juan5 mujer-rulfo

Greenland by Renaud Kritzinger

Swiss photographer Renaud Kritzinger recently traveled to Greenland during ten days at the beginning of summer.

He traveled alone in the middle of icebergs and hostile nature. He came back with a lot of pictures showing us huge frozen landscapes, very heigh icebergs but also the typical and colorful houses.

greenlandranaudk0-1024x682 greenlandranaudk2-1024x683 greenlandranaudk3-1024x682 greenlandranaudk4-1024x682 greenlandranaudk5-1024x682 greenlandranaudk6-1024x682 greenlandranaudk7-1024x682 greenlandranaudk8-1024x682 greenlandranaudk9-1024x682 greenlandranaudk10-1024x682 greenlandranaudk11-1024x682 greenlandranaudk12-1024x682 greenlandranaudk13-1024x682 greenlandranaudk15-1024x682 greenlandranaudk17-1024x682

Poetic Portraits of Dancers

Tio Von Hale is a visual artist from Los Angeles who specializes in portraits of dancers and acrobats.

Through his shots he combines art and sport while capturing precisely the elegance and technicality of the movements. He makes the human body a sculptural work to which he does not hesitate to add elements that sublimate the gestures of his models.

dancer-0-900x653 dancer-1 dancer-2 dancer-4-900x900 dancer-5-900x633 dancer-6-900x845 dancer-7-900x900 dancer-8-900x900 dancer-10 dancer-11-900x900

The photograph of Jody Mcdonald

Jody Mcdonald is a Canadian photographer who currently resides in the city of Bristol.

He specializes in documentary, sports, adventure and nature photography.His images have been awarded in many international contests and have worked for National Geographic, Red Bull, Out, BBC, Islands, and Men’s Journal among others.

He currently collaborates with Leica Camera AG published on his blog and is represented by National Geographic Creative.

jody-mcdonald_area_visual_1 jody-mcdonald_area_visual_2 jody-mcdonald_area_visual_3 jody-mcdonald_area_visual_4 jody-mcdonald_area_visual_6 jody-mcdonald_area_visual_7 jody-mcdonald_area_visual_8 jody-mcdonald_area_visual_9 jody-mcdonald_area_visual_12 jody-mcdonald_area_visual_13 jody-mcdonald_area_visual_14

Art Station : Montpellier

A French art collective replaced ads with artworks in Montpellier tramway stations in June 2016.

The goal was to create a truly democratic art gallery. They now suggest to repeat the action in Paris metro stations.

Chaplin Museum in Switzerland

The first museum dedicated to the work of Charlie Chaplin, has opened in the filmmaker’s former home in Vevey, Switzerland.


Originally conceived of in 2000, Chaplin’s World is the brainchild of Swiss architect Philippe Meylan and Quebec-based museographer (and lifelong Chaplin fan) Yves Durand, whose singular goal was to construct a place that would allow visitors to discover the man behind the movies. As such, the museum’s two main attractions are the Manoir and the Studio.


In the Manoir, guests are introduced to Chaplin, the family man as they learn about the Chaplins’ life in Switzerland. The home has been restaged with many of its original furnishings and personal items, including photographs and family mementos, with each room focused on a particular facet of Chaplin’s personal life. The dining room, for example, pays tribute to the family’s everyday routines and the many Hollywood celebrities who visited with them.


The interactive studio gives Chaplin fans the opportunity to step into the shoes of the noted comedian—first with a montage of clips from the more than half-century he spent writing, directing, and acting in movies, followed by access to recreated scenes and sets from his most famous films, while wax figures of Chaplin’s famous co-stars look on. Step inside the cabin from The Gold Rush in the midst of a simulated blizzard, sit in the barber’snytimes chair from The Great Dictator, or get stuck in the cogs of the newfangled machine from Modern Times—all of which make it feel like more of a theme park.

charliechaplinmuseum3-900x600 charliechaplinmuseum6-900x600 charliechaplinmuseum7-900x600 charliechaplinmuseum8-900x1200 charliechaplinmuseum9-900x1350 charliechaplinmuseum10-900x1350 charliechaplinmuseum11-900x1350

DeckTwo: urban artist

Born in France, DeckTwo is an urban artist who more than a decade skip the edges of the canvas and reframe the reference axes governing their artistic conception.

It is operated in the waters of design, illustration, animation, and visual effects also from spray cans, says he hates enclosed in a space; in his own words “I like the dynamism and movement in my work. Paint on the walls was a great opportunity to start exploring larger compositions.”

Before you begin, taking pictures of space to raise visual games that suit prospects. Post images belong to his latest project “Global City” held in New York.

decktwo_area_visual_1 decktwo_area_visual_2 decktwo_area_visual_3 decktwo_area_visual_4 decktwo_area_visual_5 decktwo_area_visual_6

Souvenirs du Vietnam

Léo Bigiaoui est né à Montpellier et résidant dans la ville d’Annecy (France), Bigiaoui Léo est un jeune photographe et spécialisée dans la photographie documentaire et portraits cinéaste.

Parmi ses œuvres est “Souvenirs du Vietnam» que nous montrons dans le poste. Ceci est une vidéo qu’il a fait lors d’un voyage vers le Nord Vietnam avec trois amis pour un mois en 2014.

leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_02 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_03 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_04 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_05 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_06 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_07 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_08 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_09 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_09 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_010 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_011 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_013

Floating sculpture

It is a photographic work by Alejandro Maestre, entitled Portrait Julian. The technique used is very similar to chroma, widely used in audiovisual.

For this collection the author asked a friend of his, which cover a mixture of blue paint and mud. Alexander was taking snapshots as his body was covered and then only had to cut with Photoshop non-colored areas. As simple as cash.portrait-of-julian-640x640 portrait-of-julian-2-640x640 portrait-of-julian-4-640x640 portrait-of-julian-6-640x640 portrait-of-julian-7-640x640 portrait-of-julian-8-640x640 portrait-of-julian-9-640x640 portrait-of-julian-10-640x640 portrait-of-julian-13-640x640