DeckTwo: urban artist

Born in France, DeckTwo is an urban artist who more than a decade skip the edges of the canvas and reframe the reference axes governing their artistic conception.

It is operated in the waters of design, illustration, animation, and visual effects also from spray cans, says he hates enclosed in a space; in his own words “I like the dynamism and movement in my work. Paint on the walls was a great opportunity to start exploring larger compositions.”

Before you begin, taking pictures of space to raise visual games that suit prospects. Post images belong to his latest project “Global City” held in New York.

decktwo_area_visual_1 decktwo_area_visual_2 decktwo_area_visual_3 decktwo_area_visual_4 decktwo_area_visual_5 decktwo_area_visual_6

Dolce & Gabbana Spring-Summer 2017

The parade of Dolce & Gabbana is one of the most anticipated of the Fashion Week in Milan, “Tropic Italiano” is the name with which they have named their latest creation.

However if it could be considered an ode to Italian cuisine: ice cream, pizza and spaghetti shaped the print dresses, skirts and shirts.

Without innovate much in the courts: strong silhouettes that celebrate femininity, dresses stand type sack, which in contrast do little to enhance the woman’s body and fall straight.

To the already printed traditions of flowers, polka dots and black lace, denim garments coated beads, colorful military inspired jackets with matching mini skirts and baggy pants suits tailor join.

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Geometrical desserts by Dinara Kasko

They seem simple, minimalist sculptures of figures, but the work of the Ukrainian Dinara Kasko is the result of much effort, an almost impossible balance, an absolute love for geometry and large doses of imagination and sugar.

Each of its elaborations looks like a work of modern architecture, but Dinara does not use steel or cement to build it, but meringue, cream, chocolates or gelatins pure colors.

Dinara Kasko uses 3D printers to build silicone molds with which it works. This way you can take to your imagination and draw shapes and unique structures so far unthinkable in a sweet snack.

arquitecta-hornea-postres-dinara-kasko-1 arquitecta-hornea-postres-dinara-kasko-3 arquitecta-hornea-postres-dinara-kasko-4 arquitecta-hornea-postres-dinara-kasko-5 arquitecta-hornea-postres-dinara-kasko-8 arquitecta-hornea-postres-dinara-kasko-13 arquitecta-hornea-postres-dinara-kasko-17 1024_2000 dinara-kasko-3

Nevermind: 25 years of a classic alternative rock

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the release of ‘Nevermind’, the second studio album by Nirvana, a historical record that his dozen memorable songs changed the course of music of the Nineties and led to the grunge be consolidated as the musical genre for a generation.

The lead single from ‘Nevemind’, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, can be considered the most important and influential song of the alternative rock of the 90s, as defined by a legion of critics and music journalists around the world for more two decades.

‘Nevemind’ got the alternative rock masificarse winding down, becoming the most popular genre from that time. A curious fact was that Geffen Records, the distributor seal group, had an expectation to sell 250,000 copies of the album, which ended up being millions, reaching 32 in the 25 years of its publication.

Salads edible flowers

The petals of roses can be dried and then used in salads or chop them to make a dessert with cream and strawberries. In Mongolia they use the buds before opening, called saplings, to flavor stews and the Middle East for creams, desserts and even meat. In India the petals of a daisy type, calendula, are common dish on the tables where they appear slightly baked and seasoned with cloves and cinnamon giving them a bitter taste. In Europe this same flower was used as a natural dye for rice and was a cheap substitute for saffron.


Lavender or lavender flowers are also whose presence is not common but should be used with caution because they have a very strong flavor.


With almost any flower petals we can make a tea that if espesamos becomes a pastry cream for cakes or ice cream. The scent of the flower can be transmitted to sugar if you store it in an airtight jar with a few petals and some people even produces its own lavender vinegar chicken, rabbit or rice. We must be cautious because lavender leaves after drying off a very intense aroma so we should not use large quantities but we want to eliminate other flavors.

Nasturtium is a flower native to Peru but has become common in the gardens and parks of our cities. With their seed macerated for six months in white vinegar boiled get an excellent dressing for our salads. If you mix it with white pepper mace and get a potent vinegar. The leaves are used in salads and get a good contrast of flavors mixed with white beans and mushrooms giving a spicy touch. They are also ideal for a julienne once the petals are dry and cut and mixed with the rest and vegetables.

Violet is a flower of a short but sweet, mild flavor. Its petals are eaten raw in salads with endives and serve tortilla filling or cold soups. Violets macerated in water used to flavor puddings and desserts and the three colors are made syrups or rime with icing sugar and egg.


Souvenirs du Vietnam

Léo Bigiaoui est né à Montpellier et résidant dans la ville d’Annecy (France), Bigiaoui Léo est un jeune photographe et spécialisée dans la photographie documentaire et portraits cinéaste.

Parmi ses œuvres est “Souvenirs du Vietnam» que nous montrons dans le poste. Ceci est une vidéo qu’il a fait lors d’un voyage vers le Nord Vietnam avec trois amis pour un mois en 2014.

leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_02 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_03 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_04 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_05 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_06 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_07 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_08 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_09 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_09 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_010 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_011 leo-bigiaoui_area_visual_013

100 years of Sandwiches

We invite you to discover the evolution of trendy sandwiches through the 20th century.

¿The concept? Offer kids to prepare and then to taste the meals. On the program: pastrami, panini, chicken sandwich or wrap, among others.

Burning Man 2016

Every year, Burning Man festival fills the Black Rock desert in Nevada. Concerts and incredible styles and creations follow each other during several days.

The French video maker “Phil of Drones” had the opportunity to use one of the official drones of the festival. Superb footages that can be discovered in video right here.

Floating sculpture

It is a photographic work by Alejandro Maestre, entitled Portrait Julian. The technique used is very similar to chroma, widely used in audiovisual.

For this collection the author asked a friend of his, which cover a mixture of blue paint and mud. Alexander was taking snapshots as his body was covered and then only had to cut with Photoshop non-colored areas. As simple as cash.portrait-of-julian-640x640 portrait-of-julian-2-640x640 portrait-of-julian-4-640x640 portrait-of-julian-6-640x640 portrait-of-julian-7-640x640 portrait-of-julian-8-640x640 portrait-of-julian-9-640x640 portrait-of-julian-10-640x640 portrait-of-julian-13-640x640