Zimmer – Lost Your Mind

Zimmer is one of the best emerging French electro music producers with FKJ, Kartell and Darius. Member of Roche Musique team, he already has released three EPs and some very well known remixes.

His house music is sweet, dreamy and absolutely modern, a true gift for all the lovers of innovative and audacious sounds.

With “Lost Your Mind”, a song from the EP Ceremony, the producer affirms a universe more and more well defined, inspired by a celestial aesthetic, crossing poetry and science fiction. In this clip by Jeremi Durand, humanity is a the center of the story.

In a declining society, in an apocalyptic world, human bodies float in the air like if they were living their last vital moment.

Far from being a stressing view of a natural catastrophe, the clip is a contemplative experience reminding a cosmogonic tell about the origins of life.