Space Jewelry by Yoshi Stokes

Here is a collection of metal jewelry handmade by the Californian artist Yoshi Stokes. A nice range of pendents, earrings and pins that represent space rockets, planets, star or even animals, which can be discovered in images below.

Cute-Metal-Jewelry-by-Yoshi-Stokes-1 Cute-Metal-Jewelry-by-Yoshi-Stokes-2 Cute-Metal-Jewelry-by-Yoshi-Stokes-3 Cute-Metal-Jewelry-by-Yoshi-Stokes-4 Cute-Metal-Jewelry-by-Yoshi-Stokes-5 Cute-Metal-Jewelry-by-Yoshi-Stokes-6 Cute-Metal-Jewelry-by-Yoshi-Stokes-7 Cute-Metal-Jewelry-by-Yoshi-Stokes-9