Dixon: techno & house.

Dixon is a legend in the Berlin scene. We are talking about what may be the mecca of techno and the world house, besides one of those responsible for making the nights of this city so special. This producer, DJ and record founder as Innervisions, began his career in the 1990s playing as a resident of several clubs in Berlin; At that time was in charge of maratónicas days that were marking to the festive conscience of that city.

Dixon is leaning towards the deep house, but it is a house that avoids mellow out of context and always has a good dose of soul and atmospheric sound variety.

What has led him to be considered one of those must-have DJs is his mastery of a style that always maintains an elegance, which makes no compromises, but which is capable of reaching the highest levels of euphoria and ecstasy, always after Of winning those states. The connection with the track, with the emotions and with the imagination in movement is not gratuitous, is a slow distillation that is working, building an atmosphere of high sensory richness, patience and tasting detail.

Throughout his career Dixon has worked with labels such as Get Physical, has collaborated with Jazzanova and promoted the career of Âme (a duo of producers with whom he has a close musical friendship), among other important artists.