1920s Jazz Age Fashion & Photographs

The Fashion and Textile Museum of London inaugurates 1920s Jazz Age: Fashion & Photographs, an exhibition that reflects great social changes of this decade of glamor, excess, frivolity and modernity, as much in Paris and London as in New York and Hollywood in which Emphasizes that the rhythms of jazz, dance and “joie de vivre” marked this era and prompted a new way of dressing.

The central objective of this exhibition is to demonstrate the influence and beauty of the jazz and costume boom this time, while at the same time seeking dialogue with the audience and in many cases breaking with these schemes, promoting the conversation, in which they can be felt Attracted to the culture of jazz and its different nuances.

In it´s content, it presents a glimpse of haute couture and prêt-à-porter fashion from 1919 to 1929, a collection that reflects dizzying social change on an unprecedented scale, since it is the decade that followed World War I and Offered modern women a new style of dress.

A fashion illustration showing models wearing various party dresses.     Date: 20th June 1928