Nevermind: 25 years of a classic alternative rock

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the release of ‘Nevermind’, the second studio album by Nirvana, a historical record that his dozen memorable songs changed the course of music of the Nineties and led to the grunge be consolidated as the musical genre for a generation.

The lead single from ‘Nevemind’, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, can be considered the most important and influential song of the alternative rock of the 90s, as defined by a legion of critics and music journalists around the world for more two decades.

‘Nevemind’ got the alternative rock masificarse winding down, becoming the most popular genre from that time. A curious fact was that Geffen Records, the distributor seal group, had an expectation to sell 250,000 copies of the album, which ended up being millions, reaching 32 in the 25 years of its publication.