PULP: a movie on the life, the death and the supermarkets

The documentary departs from one from the most famous English and successful bands in the world, everything diminishes to the common people: the people of Sheffield. Pulp: To Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets understands that to portray to the band created at the end of the seventies, it is necessary to move between Sheffield’s streets, is necessary to find in a variety of eccentric prominent figures Jarvis, Candid or Mark: in the official choir of the city, in an asylum where his residents sing his own version of ” Help The Aged ” or in the own Jarvis, who speaks about the motive for creating Pulp: his desire to go well together girls.

Habicht’s tape is a sensitive approximation to the voices that shape the village of Sheffield, to those that see how his desires, fears and ambitions are expressed in an alone voice, that of Jarvis.